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BYD electro


The Chinese company BYD, a world famous manufacturer of batteries and accumulators, presented a «unique» hybrid e6 in serial performance at the Detroit Auto Show.

BYD is not only a car manufacturer. It also provides 45% of the global market for lithium-ion mobile phone batteries. The hybrid propulsion system also uses lithium-ion technology. So it is no coincidence that BYD, with its know-how in this area, is in a hurry to seize the chance to seize leadership in the rapidly developing segment of hybrids and electric cars.

The Fe series batteries are truly unique: a full charge from a home outlet takes 1 hour (competitors have at least 4 hours) and can travel 400 km. And half can be “refueled” in just 10 minutes, and this energy will be enough for 150 km. In case the electricity runs out, a gasoline unit will come into play.

At the same time, the e6 electric motor develops an impressive 268 hp. with. and 550 Nm of torque, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 8.0 s! The maximum speed is 160 km / h. This is a very good result considering the size of the car: 4.5 m long, 1.8 m high and 1.6 m high. Such large and efficient hybrid vehicles have never been produced in the world.

The cost of BYD e6 is also amazing: while predicting the cost of serial electric cars, at least $ 40,000, the e6 costs about $ 22,000. However, this car can only be bought in China: before entering the international market, the manufacturer needs to test and certify a new model. The new Chinese car will appear in European showrooms in 2010, in the USA in 2011.


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